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Husker Du - Minneapolis Is Burning

Band: Husker Du
Minneapolis Is Burning
Release Date: 1992
Label: Nu Noize Records

A nice show of Husker Du from the golden era (New Day Rising & Zen Arcade was already out and Flip Your Wig were coming soon after) recorded in their hometown at the First Avenue Club in Minneapolis on August 28 1985. Enjoy this great performance in good sound quality too !!

Husker Du Database Comments:

Soundboard tape of complete, unedited show that appears in edited form on the Lynndale's Burning boot LP and the Spin concert LP.

Alternately titled German boot of Lyndales Burning. Has different picture insert, taken from Warehouse photo sessions, and different artwork on disk itself. Otherwise the two appear to be the same, as the number on the disk is the same in both cases and "I Apologize" skips in the same spot on both CDs. The individual track times vary slightly. The track anomalies cited above regarding "Celebrated Summer" and "Folklore" are present in this case as well. If that's not sufficient evidence, both disks bear the holographic number WIZARD A 0321.

1.Flip Your Wig2:17
2.Every Everything1:43
3.Makes No Sense At All2:33
4.Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill3:07
5.I Apologise3:33
6.If I Told You3:48
7.Don't Want to Know if You are Lonely3:17
8.I Don't Know for Sure2:24
9.Terms of Psychic Warfare1:48
11.Books About U.F.O.s2:46
12.Hardly Getting Over It5:25
13.Sorry Somehow4:35
14.You're so Square/The Wit & the Wisdom4:21
15.Green Eyes2:52
16.Divide and Conquer3:42