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Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoia - Snuff Rock EP

Band: Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoia
Snuff Rock EP
Release Date: 1977

Les Alberto y Los Trio Paranoias sont un groupe de rock humoristique fondé en 1973 à Manchester. Ils ont conçu une comédie musicale à la fin des année 1970 nommée Sleak au sujet d'une vedette rock qui est amené à se suicider sur scène. Ils ont enregistré quelques chanson de se spectacle pour en faire le Snuff Rock EP.

Alberto y los Trios Paranoias was a comedy rock band formed in Manchester, England, in 1973 They mounted a play, Sleak, about a rock star talked into committing suicide on-stage and they recorded some of the song from that play and put them on the funny Snuff Rock EP. It's a nice document of what's been a succesful stage show and a nice spot-on parody of punk rock.

1. Kill
2. Gobbing On Life
3. Snuffin' Like That
4. Snuffin' In A Babylon


2 commentaires:

A Dashing Blade a dit...

And, iirc, was the first 7" double issue ever iyswim

jacquesbrel a dit...

nice one!
any chance of any more Albertos?
I had "Dread Jaws" single which was their first release if I recall correctly.