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Gogol Bordello - Voi-la Intruder

Band: Gogol Bordello
Voi-la IntruderCountry: USA
Release Date: 2003

Gogol Bordello are a completely original New York entitity. Rubric is reissuing their debut release, Voi-La Intruder, with the track order revised and an additional 5 tracks. This is Ukranian party music. Leader Eugene Hutz is a major NYC DJ at the Bulgarian Bar on Saturday nights. The place is packed weekly with Eastern European immigrants and the hipsters who love them. The music is best described as a sort of Pogues meets traditional Ukranian folk music in a sweaty dance bar. One foot in punk rock and one foot in traditionalism, Gogol Bordello have been packing clubs in NYC and have recently toured the Czech Republic and Switzerland. They’ve also shared the Central Park stage last summer with international sensations Manu Chao. This is sexy, uplifting party music that gives one hope for the future.

1.Sacred Darling1:51
2.Voi-La Intruder3:10
3.Greencard Husband2:22
5.Start Wearing Purple3:44
6.Shy Kind of Guy3:30
7.Mussolini vs. Stalin2:44
8.Letter to Mother3:52
10.Nomadic Chronicle4:24
11.Letter to Castro3:23
12.Invisible Zedo4:29
13.Sex Spider3:11
14.No Threat3:35
15.Against the Nature7:23

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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Thanks a lot for The Gogols album. Have a nice wekend.