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Descendents - Two Things At Once

Band: Descendents
Album: Two Things At Once
Country: USA

Just like the title says, this album complies Milo Goes to College and the Bonus Fat EP, both of which are great releases, conveniently packaged on one record. All that mischievous teenage skaters could appreciate is here, classics like "Myage," "I'm Not a Loser," "Bikeage," and "Hope." But for all those who already own their "best of" (Somery, which features the previously mentioned songs), other less-known hits such as "Marriage," "I'm Not a Punk," and "Catalina" are exclusive to this release.

1 Myage 2:01
2 I Wanna Be A Bear 0:43
3 I'm Not A Loser 1:29
4 Parents 1:38
5 Tonyage 0:56
6 M-16 0:43
7 I'm Not A Punk 1:04
8 Catalina 1:48
9 Suburban Home 1:40
10 Statue Of Liberty 1:59
11 Kabuki Girl 1:11
12 Marriage 1:40
13 Hope 2:00
14 Bikeage 2:14
15 Jean Is Dead 1:33
16 My Dad Sucks 0:37
17 Mr. Bass 2:06
18 I Like Food 0:17
19 Hey Hey 1:33
20 Weinerschnitzel 0:12
21 Global Probing 1:08
22 Ride The Wild 2:31
23 It's A Hectic World 1:56


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Douchess of York a dit...

Thank you for that one!

Donut Duck

Raq a dit...


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Friday July 25th
At the 9:30 Club
815 V St. N.W. D.C.

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Raq a dit...

After five years, English space/alternative rock act Spiritualized have released a new album; Songs in A&E. Brooding and atmospheric, the new album fits nicely amongst the delightfully experimental Spiritualized back catalogue. See Spiritualized at 9:30 Club this July for some truly sensational sonics.

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