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The Fall - Room To Live

Band: The Fall
Album: Room To Live
Country: UK
Release Date: 1982

Room to Live originally appeared in 1982 and remains as essential to the Fall's discography as the previous year's Slates EP. Room to Live was similarly one of the great Fall collections of this era that was too short to be called an album and too long to be an EP or single. Its seven tracks epitomize the "Undilutable Slang Truth!" -- the phrase scrawled across the cover -- which in Mark E. Smith dialect translates as possibly the most archly political and scathing collection of diatribes the Manchester legend spewed forth onto record during what is arguably the group's creative peak. Room to Live marks one of the most inspired periods of the group, the era that produced the masterful Hex Enduction Hour and was in part fueled in by the political upheaval in England circa 1982 during the Falklands War (the subject became a bone of contention with many artists, yet few railed so spitefully as the Fall). Mark E. Smith is at his very best lyrically when getting riled up against the middle class, such as on "Hard Life in Country" and the hilarious "Solicitor in Studio." The latter track gathers a chugging momentum until peaking in uncontrollable feedback, and contains some of the most experimental and risky instrumental behavior his supporting cast ever brought to the studio. Room to Live may be a short, sharp stab of chaos, yet it remains undeniably one of the greatest pieces of post-punk genius the group ever recorded.

1 Joker Hysterical Face 4:48
2 Marquis Cha-Cha 4:31
3 Hard Life in Country 6:11
4 Room to Live 4:15
5 Detective Instinct 5:43
6 Solicitor In Studio 5:21
7 Papal Visit 5:32
8 Fantastic Life 5:20
9 Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 3:10


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Gustav Bade a dit...


et merci beaucoup pour ce posting. Comme t'as écris (ou cité), ce disque est un des meilleurs de The Fall (avec Perverted by Language, à mon avis). Il est tout simplement superbe!

Merci aussi pour le disque de Devo. Je suis déjà curieux si je connais ce concert d'une autre compilation. Tu n'as pas par hasard un enregistrement de Devo avec la chanson "auto modown" (je ne sais plus bien, si cele n'était que la première ligne ou le titre)? Je crois que c'était un demo.

Au revoir, Gustav