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Pure Hell - Noise Addiction

Band: Pure Hell
Album: Noise Addiction
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005

In 1974, on the streets of Philadelphia, a band unlike any other was formed. They called themselves Pretty Poison. The band consisted of Stinker (Kenny Gordon) on vocals, Chip Wreck (Preston Morris III) on guitar, Lenny Steel (Kerry Boles) on bass, and Spider (Michael Sanders) on drums. They had a sound so ahead of its time that the music industry was not yet ready for it. They coupled the punk sound of the New York bands of the time with a harder, faster heavy metal edge unheard before. Their unique sound was a result of Gordon's berserk choreography and Morris's needling guitar riffs, while Steel and Spider added a synchronized barrage with no nonsense execution to the arsenal.

Inspired by the famous fuel-altered dragster, they changed their name to Pure Hell in 1975. Soon after, they moved to New York City where they played with bands like the New York Dolls, Sid Vicious, Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, The Dead Boys, The Stimulators, Richard Hell, The Germs, The Nuns, The Cramps and more. In 1978 Pure Hell headlined a tour of the UK, with bands like The UK Subs, Wilko Johnson, Vermilion & the Aces and more opening for them. While in the UK, their only original record was released. It was a single released by their manager Curtis Knight on his label, Golden Sphinx Records. The songs on the single were “These Boots Were Made for Walking” and “No Rules.” The single charted in the top 40 charts in the UK. During the same year, a full length album was recorded but was never released. It did not surface again for 26 years…

1.Noise Addiction1:56
2.Hard Action2:29
3.Lame Brain3:10
4.I Feel Bad2:30
5.Wild One3:32
6.Rot in the Doghouse2:21
7.No Rules2:26
8.Thrillers of Oz1:57
9.Spoiled Sport1:45
10.Courageous Cat3:31
11.These Boots Are Made For Walking2:47
13.The Girl With the Hungry Eyes1:31
14.I Want Your Body1:47


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richard a dit...

Wow wow wow! This is fucking great punk from hell...This band just fucking rule!
Thanks for the upload mate!